No-Risk Guarantee

No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee
OvernightPrints guarantees your satisfaction, or we will gladly reprint your order or you will get a credit for a further order.
Please be aware that due to the nature of four-colour printing, we cannot print every colour available on a computer monitor. We do not colour match; instead, we offer the industry standard in "pleasing colour" and will make any reasonable adjustments to help correct submitted files. If OvernightPrints cannot correct the file or reprint to "pleasing colour" standards, then we will issue an RMA and refund the purchase price. Basic condition for this refund is, because we want to increase our quality level any time, that you send back the complete product to OvernightPrints.

If an issue arises with the printing of your product, please contact our Customer Service department at:
Hotline: 020 02227403 or

OvernightPrints will correct improper cutting, colour drift, printing delays, and printing quality. The customer should correct files without full bleed or with incorrect colour selection, incorrect resolution, incorrect file dimensions, visible crop marks, incorrect card orientation, and spelling or grammar errors. You can always contact our file support department if you are unable to correct these issues yourself. They will do their best to guide you to a positiv result.
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